she is made of grit and grace...

Growing up and moving all over the U.S. and overseas, it was difficult at times to visit family. It wasn't until I relocated to Vegas where I started getting together more often with my cousin Via and family members. The last time I had seen my her was back in January for my 30th Birthday! That was when the talk of COVID begun and before I knew it, March hit and we were quarantined. I had to keep myself busy and decided now would be the best time to get back into photography. Via never had professional photos done, so I told her we had to change that!

It has been extremely hot here in Vegas, but the day we were out shooting was different- we were hit with high humidity in the desert! I felt like I was back on the East Coast again. On top of that, our phones went off on our way to the canyons, alerting us of flash floods. Luckily, the rain held off, and it was overcast- perfect weather for shooting!

Check out how beautiful and extremely photogenic she is! I am always honored to photograph family.

LOCATION: Red Rock, Las Vegas, NV

MUA: Mia Ortega